Hotel recommended Chiaohsi  Faddism Hotel
When you pass through the Hsuehshan (Snow Mountain) Tunnel, you can see the magnificent and breathtaking view of Lanyang, where the Faddism Villa awaits your arrival.

Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and slow down your pace at Faddism Hotel. 

Here, you can enjoy a clear night sky and enjoy the sounds of the local nature. It’s the perfect place for you to decompress.

Enjoy a cup of coffee by the pool or underneath the pavilion. Take some time to meditate in the morning, afternoon or evening. Make your life meaningful. Treat yourself to delicacies and the beautiful view at our restaurant surrounded by bamboo trees.

Take a leisurely stroll along the trails, where you can stop to smell the fallen frangipani and see the beauty of Snow Mountain, the plain and the green paddy fields.

Experience vibrant, natural phenomena. Smell the faint, sweet aroma of tube roses. Walk the nature trail accompanied by snails. Hear the sounds of croaking frogs blend with the strong splashing sound of colored carp in the water and the choral buzzing of insects.

Let your body, heart and soul experience this rich, natural feast at the Faddism Hotel.

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Hotel recommended Chiaohsi   Resort Hotel
At the Resort Hotel, that’s exactly what we have to offer — on top of a divinely comfortable stay. The Resort Hotel is located at the heart of Jiaosi’s busiest area with convenient transportation leading to all of Yilan’s most scenic destinations.

We are conveniently located so that you can step right out our front doors and taste some of Jiaosi’s hot spring delicacies or take a nighttime stroll and appreciate the area’s small-town style and rustic walkways.

It’s easy to reach us. We’re a five-minute walk to the train station and bus terminal, and about a five-to-eight minute drive after getting off Highway 5 via Toucheng Interchange.

The hotel is an eight-story building done in a minimalist, Japanese, casual style. We have multiple room styles, and each one has a sauna pool done in one of four distinct styles: slate stone, enameled, cypress wood and massage bathtub.

The waters are pulled from Jiaosi’s hot spring. The Jiaosi hot spring is Taiwan’s one and only plain bicarbonate spring, and it is often referred to as a natural beauty sauna.

Our hotel also offers Chinese-Western buffet breakfast. Our professional chefs use fresh, seasonal ingredients, allowing you to enjoy authentic, handmade Lanyang flavors during your stay.

And our excellent, hospitable service team is here to meet all of your needs.

Make this great location your destination, and come stay with us at The Resort Hotel.

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 Hotel recommended Chiaohsi   Hefong Hotel
The Hefong Hot Spring Hotel may be located around busy streets, but this is a home away from the hustle and bustle. Come kick back and relax with us.

Home to the Jioasi beauty sauna, this hotel offers a carefree, laid-back environment where you can get away from the stresses of daily life. The waters of Jiaosi’s natural hot springs will help you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Aside from its hot springs, Hefong Hotel is designed in a Japanese architectural style blended with modern design. Our combination of unique Western and Japanese design allows visitors to become enraptured in this oasis of hospitality and relaxation.

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Hotel recommended Chiaohsi   Jaee Hotel
Picture yourself relaxing in a sauna of beautifying, healing waters — right in your room. You’ve just pictured yourself at the Jaee Hotel.

The Jaee Hotel is a single building done in a minimalist style, with 57 rooms done in multiple styles, each with its own sauna pool inside the room.

The sauna pools — and all the running water in the building — come from the Jiaosi hot springs. The phenolphthalein alkali content is good for the skin and the spring waters are regarded as Taiwan’s one and only beauty sauna.

Not only does this hotel offer a supreme, private relaxation experience in your room, the hotel’s Chinese-Western buffet breakfast comes with fresh, seasonal ingredients prepared by professional chefs incorporating authentic hand-made Lanyang flavors while you’re staying.

Jaee Hotel is located at downtown Jiaosi and it is only about 5-8 minutes’ walk from Jiaosi Station and bus terminal. Taking Hwy 5 and getting off Toucheng Interchange, the journey time is about 8-10 minutes to get to the hotel.

Come purify yourself in the waters of Jiaosi’s hot springs at the Jaee Hotel.

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Hotel recommended Chiaohsi   Kelly Hotel
Experience undisturbed tranquility. Join us at the Kelly Hotel.

Here at the Kelly Hotel, we bring the healing waters of the Jiaosi hot spring straight to your room.

The Jiaosi hot spring, with its sodium bicarbonate content, is a rare hot spring in Taiwan often used as a beauty sauna.

Here, you can enjoy the integration of nature and modern comfort with our casual, Japanese-style room designs.

Standing just 100 meters from Jiaosi Station, the Kelly hotel can be reached directly by train.

Beautify your life. Stay with us at the Kelly Hotel.

The Kelly Hotel is located in the hot springs area of downtown Jiaosi. An oasis of quiet in a busy neighborhood, the hotel is only a two-minute walk away from the train station.

Surrounded by the commercial district — and with Tangweigo Park in close proximity — the Kelly Hotel is a perfect location for you to unwind and explore the Jiaosi area.

At the Kelly Hotel, your comfort is our first priority. Let us help you feel at home.

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