Taitung hotel accommodation recommended  Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung

Naruwan is a greeting word which means “ How are you?” and “Welcome!” in Taiwan aboriginal language, just like “Aloha” in Hawaii. Name the hotel ‘Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung’, we greeting all guests with the highest passion.
Taitung as the Native town of the sun makes sunshine as our greatest assets. At the initiative concept of designation, we took a ladder-shaped design and use great measure of glass to take in the brilliant sunshine and scenery; hence the similar pyramid building becomes a new landmark in Taitung.
Containing modern fashion and aboriginal culture, Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung is a genuine artwork. The four pillars in front of the facade are 9 meter height and the material is sandstone from ShanshiProvince of mainland China. On the pillars, it tells the history of Taiwan aboriginal tribes, Lu-Kai, Dao, Puyuma and Amis.

More about Formosan Naruwan Hotel Taitung:http://ch.taiwantravelmap.com/hotel/135-ch-index.html


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